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Quality Policy

Euromon PLV is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture management of permanent displays at the point of sale.
Our mission is to offer a range of variety and models: floor, counter, illuminated, promotional, interactive, etc. and in all kinds of materials: metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc. in order to achieve continuous improvement and keep moving forward in terms of technology level.
With the objective to achieve these principles, Euromon PLV understands the quality policy and the application model that it carries out as a commitment to maintain a long-term project, respecting the legality and advancing with the continuous improvement of our organization.
  • To plan annually the objectives in order to improve the quality of the service of our clients.
  • To offer a personalized service adapting them to the needs and the necessary technical advice in order to provide the best option to the client.
  • The provision of a quality service in a short period of time, by ensuring the availability of qualified staff and the use of the best techniques for the fulfillment of the work.
  • To offer services which comply with the current legislation and another complementary one.
  • To identify possible risks of the organization in order to prevent any situation that hinders or stops the service.
  • To identify non-conformities and take corrective measures to prevent unsatisfactory services.
  • To ensure a quality policy that is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organisation and supports its strategic direction.
  • A good working environment that encourages commitment to quality and teamwork.
  • A planification of training, in order to ensure a better development of the talent of our staff, meet their needs and expectations and beside, achieve a better service to our customers.
  • Quality requires the participation and collaboration of everybody that is why this policy is made available and understood by all the staff and available to al interested parties of our organisation.

The Management of Euromon PLV defines and participates in the Quality Policy of the company, with the commitment to maintain, plan and run the entire Organization with a client focus.

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