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Mamparas Of protection against the crown of crystal

Mamparas de protección contra el corona de cristal
In euromon PLV, thanks to ours dilated experience in designing and manufacture expositores in the point of sale and to know perfectly the materials with which work daily, now also design and produce diverse elements for the protection against the covid 19.
We manufacture mamparas of standard way and with a big variety of measures to offer an elegant solution and of quality. Manufactured in temperate glass of 6mm fulfilling the rule IN-12150. Edges rounded and supports macizos of aluminium with joints of rubber antideslizante. For the security of the workers and clients. They mount with ease and also can disassemble.
Have a common aim: that be together have the minor possible risk. It is in our hands. It contacts with us for more information. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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