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New machine Rierge easynet 3018To

Nueva máquina Rierge easynet 3018A
In euromon plv, designers and manufacturers of PLV so much for expositores of soil like expositores of counter, continue investing in our park of machinery to be always to the avant-garde.
We follow expanding and renewing our park, with machines of last generation and the most advanced technologies of the market to be able to give solution to the increasing demands of PLV in wood ECHO
In this occasion with Rierge easynet 3018To, is a Centre of mechanised of numerical control (CNC) to work signpost, allocated to the milled and taladro vertical wooden MDF, agglomerateed, resins and composites.
With a scrolling of until 80mt./Minute.
Everything always with the purpose that our expositores of soil, expositores of counter and all the PLV that manufacture was always of the best quality.
Put his PLV in our hands, always is synonymous of success - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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